Monday, October 12, 2009

State of Play

Two months? Two ruddy months? Egad.

Part of that is down to August and September being the busiest time of the year when one happens to work in the enrolment department of a college; early mornings, manic days and late nights all combine to make me pretty much useless by the end of the day. That's all done with now, so I can start to think about having some kind of non-work-related existence.

Also in that time, I've managed to do a handful of bits of art for Fight On! magazine, and a couple of images for some Brazilian project I don't really understand. I also drew something for Rol, but it was rubbish, so I'm starting that again. I also updated my website a bit, but I really need to (a) tidy up the comics section, and (2) do some more comics to put in it.

Somewhere in there, I turned thirty. Which horrifies me a bit, because I've done nothing useful with that time.