Saturday, June 04, 2011

Madame Vastra, Consulting Detective

A very quick sketch of Madame Vastra, a Victorian sword-wielding lizard detective, introduced in the Doctor Who episode "A Good Man Goes to War". She's a fantastic character with a great deal of potential, and if there's not a spinoff forthwith, I shall be disappointed indeed.


  1. Great sketch, Kelvin! Seems the Interwebs are abuzz with Madame Vastra love - let's hope the BBC are paying attention ;)

  2. Sterling work Kelvin, I have posted your sketch of our good lady Vastra up on facebook group "Madame Vastra & Jenny Need A Spin-Off" credited with your name of course...I do apologise I should have asked your permission first but if you would like me to remove your sketch just let me know and it will be done