Monday, June 10, 2019


My group is always forgetting about Inspiration when we play D&D5 so here's an idea to make it more memorable:

When a player gains Inspiration, give them a d30 and when they "cash in" the Inspiration they get to use the d30 instead of the usual d20.

(To clarify, instead of rolling two d20s and keeping the highest result, you're rolling one d20 and one d30 and keeping the highest result.)

This method gives the player a unique token that stands out amongst the usual table detritus, plus Inspiration itself gets a bit more oomph, both of which should make the mechanic less forgettable in play.


  1. That is a nice, fun solution to a persistent issue.

    1. Thanks! It came to me -- as my better ideas seem to -- during a sleepless night!