Saturday, August 09, 2003

I try not to rant in these posts, since I don't think it helps to be negative, nor do the few people who actually read this want to see me go off on one every day.
I like even less to rant about the little things, because that just reveals how petty I really am. But I've been spending a lot of time in bookshops recently, and this annoys me...

"The Summer Book - A Novel"

It's not just that one, they all do it. Why do books have to have "A Novel" written somewhere on the cover? I know it's a novel. IT"S IN THE FICTION SECTION. And if I were really having a hard time, I'd just look on the back, above the barcode, where it would say "Fiction". No need for it. Cars don't have "A Car" written on the side, do they? Dogs don't have "A Dog" stamped on their foreheads. I think they only do it because every other book does it, and so we end up with a great big exercise in collective stupidity. Sheesh...

(By the way, The Summer Book is by Tove Jansson, the writer of the Moomins childrens' books, and Meg says it's a wonderful novel, so don't take this as criticism of the book itself. I bought it for Meg's birthday, and had it shipped over from Britain. are so efficient that it arrived in plenty of time for Meg's birthday, seventeen days ago, and yet their order tracking service claims that it should arrive sometime between the 11th and 27th of August...)

On a happier, more positive note, Brighton won their first game of this football season. The Minnesota Thunder are still at the top of the Central Division of the Western Conference, but are now sixth overall in the nation. They now have only three "Magic" points (down from twenty-five), and I still don't know what Magic points are.

Meanwhile, in the Dominion of Kolonel K, the government decided to allow nudists to "go natural" in public if they wished to. Hmm...

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