Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Kevin Grows Up

Explain something to me. How come the doors for disabled users in public places (for instance, the Mall Of America) are harder to open than the standard doors? Is it because they require high-speed impact with a wheelchair before they open? Do wheelchair users have super-developed arms that can open these doors with ease?
And how about this one. If vanilla is the basic, no-frills ice cream flavour, how come it comes in so many varieties? Vanilla, traditional vanilla, homestyle vanilla, New York vanilla, vanilla custard, egg bacon and vanilla, egg bacon sausage and vanilla...

13 Going On 30 isn't out yet ("Foul!" I don't hear you cry), so we went to see Kevin Smith's latest, Jersey Girl, instead. And a fine film it is too. There are a couple of clunky moments, which come as a surprise because they're clunky because of the dialogue and one thing Smith excels at is dialogue. Aside from that, it was a well-made, exceptionally well-written and surprisingly well-acted film. It was somewhat predictable, but it was so genuine that this really wasn't an issue. There was no sense of an artificially manipulated scenario. It was a good simple tale of a man bonding with his daughter, and worked wonderfully. Liv Tyler impresses me more and more each time I see her, and Ben Affleck did a great job. He gets a lot of criticism, which has always baffled me, as I've seen him in bad films but I don't think I've ever seen him give a bad performance, or at least no worse than more respected actors have given.

Which reminds me that I must find out when Paycheck comes out on dvd.

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