Thursday, January 20, 2005

It Lies!

Look, I understand that the new Harry Potter is a big deal for you, but Amazon, please don't bring it up as a search result when in fact I was searching for the Doctor Who novel Lungbarrow. Also, I have never searched for the book, so it shouldn't be in my "recently viewed items" folder either. I don't care! I don't like the books! Leave me alone!

It strikes be as bafflingly desperate. Baffling because the book will sell shedloads anyway, even without such "promotion", and desperate because of the sneaky and insiduous way it's handled, making it look like they're worried that they're not going to sell a single copy. Like the insiduous AOL and Microsoft instant messengers, which you can't actually delete from your computer once you've got them, this just makes me want to flee from modern "civilisation" and hide somewhere remote until the inevitable apocalypse has passed.

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