Monday, February 21, 2005

it's snow problem

Anyone know how to get past this screen in Creatures 2: Torture Trouble?
Bloody Ballonist Bastard!
I can move that rock back and forth by shooting it, and my guess is that I need to somehow get it into the snow machine so it falls on the pink snowball chucker. Because, you see, he's chucking snowballs into the water and raising the water level, so that green thingie can bite my mate (hanging from the rope) in half. I'm the pink and grey thing by the rock at the top of the screen by the way. But how do I get the rock across the gap and into the snow machine? And what's the ramp on the left for? Occasionally, I've managed to slide down it and land on that flying bat thing, but then he collapses under my weight and we both fall into the flames. Gah!

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