Thursday, September 15, 2005

Television Without Fear

When will I, will I be famous?The only new season programme we've watched so far is Fox's Head Cases, which is yet another lawyer show, but one that just about works, due to some quirky characterisation and good acting.

It also got me thinking (again!) about why there has never been a Daredevil series. The concept seems perfect for television; the goal seems to be to stick to established formulas (doctors, coppers, lawyers), but with a twist to distinguish them from other shows (the doctors are all students, the coppers are in fact the forensics guys in the lab, the lawyers are just out of the loony bin), and Daredevil seems perfect for that. The lawyer side can provide the case of the week stuff that these shows thrive on (and the stuff that was missing from the movie), and Matt Murdock is a character with enough angst to fill episode after episode with soap opera shenanigans. Then you've got the superhero stuff to add that extra twist that the television companies crave. And if you play it right (do it like Frank Miller did), you can present the superhero bits as realistic parts of this gritty crime-ridden world. Daredevil doesn't need any super expensive cgi powers either.

So Marvel, this is my proclomation: get on that please. Or at least get Bruce Timm in to do Daredevil: The Animated Series.

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  1. KG, sorry to say that Head Cases just got cancelled after two episodes. Sorry for the letdown. (Personally, I recommend House instead, tho, if you can get past Hugh Laurie's affected American accent---it's just weird seeing as how I own Blackadder and Wooster and Jeeves.)

    Daredevil: the animated series? Hmmm. Are you thinking sort of Daredevil + CSI? Or more of Daredevil + Equalizer?

    I like the idea, tho.