Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Harrowing

I'm dangerously at risk of turning this into a comics blog, which is not my intention, so I'll scale back on that soon, but I thought this might be the easiest way to get this little tidbit out there.

Seven Soldiers is comics writer extraordinaire Grant Morrison's latest high-concept project; a series of unrelated, yet intimately connected, miniseries telling the story of seven heroes (who never meet) facing the evil Sheeda in order to save the world.

Last week brought the first issue of the sixth miniseries, The Bulleteer. Lots has been said online about the art, but upon reading the issue, I noticed something I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere:

And this from Klarion the Witchboy #4, from a couple of weeks ago:

This "harrowing" has been mentioned a number of times during the various miniseries, and the project as a whole has obviously been constructed with great care so that every image and word means something.

So the Bulleteer's real name, as revealed here, can't just be a coincidence, surely?


  1. See i may be entering a comic book time bomb here but i never could get into anything other than 2000ad and alf.

  2. As a 2000ad reader, you should be able to recognise the artist of that second piece, as he's one of the few that continues to work for Tooth even while doing US work. And of course, Grant Morrison has done his fair share of work for Tharg's Mighty Organ.

    But yeah, no shame in not knowing what I'm talking about. I'll try to keep the comics postings to a minimum, I promise. :)

  3. This is truly a beautifully rendered post.

  4. Everyone else who is reading this is picking up on all sorts of little things that I would never get. Then again, I probably distracted by those boobs of hers.

  5. I think I'm most interested in seeing Morrison explore the concept of superhero-fetishization (is that a word?). I'm just concerned that there isn't possibly enough room in four issues to tackle everything he introduced in the first issue, as well as further the Sheeda uber-plot.

    Although Flex Mentallo was just four issues, and people are still excavating subtext out of that one.

  6. What's bothering me about it is that DC have hijacked it to make it part of their current Crisis (or at least post-Crisis), and I fear that that will dilute what Morrison's doing with it.


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