Monday, December 04, 2006

In All The Wrong Places

I don't know how popular he is here (I know I had a bugger of a time getting his album), but the music off the new Nokia 5300 advert is In All The Wrong Places by German ambientster Ulrich Schnauss. Maybe now he's on a mobile phone advert, he'll suddenly surge in popularity and for the second time ever, I'll have been following a musician from before they got popular.

(first: Moby)

This has been a public service announcement, because I hate it when there's music on the telly and the internet doesn't help me track it down.

(Grumpy Update: It seems that there are a number of versions of the same advert, with the same visuals but different narrators and music; there even seems to be an alternate British version, which I've never seen on telly, with a grumpy-sounding male narrator and generic twangy guitar nonsensery. Perhaps poor Ulrich won't catch on after all. Bah.)


  1. I haven't seen that particular ad (Youtube?) but am happy to stand up and be counted as another Ulrich Schnauss fan.

    I've also seen him "doing a Four Tet" and popping up on random singles as a remixerer - most notably an exquisite variation on Sia's Breathe Me. With a bit of luck, b-side exposure should allow him to be heard by more people.

    That said, I'm not sure I'd wish for rampaging success - there is only so chilled out a country can get and still function properly :-)

  2. Hi, I'm from Britain and I've been a fan of the Schnauss for at least 2 years now (being a bit of a leftfield kind of guy), but good news is Ulrich Schnauss is on the Nokia advert in Britain!!

    His song "Crazy For You" was on a Lucozade advert as well, but that didn't seem to propell him too far into the limelight.

    Maybe he will get the recognition he deserves soon, as he is doing numerous remixes and I believe "On My Own" was on Sasha's groundbreaking Involver mix. So soon enough something's got to trigger a surge in numbers!o

  3. Youtube has a number of versions of the ad, including one British one with a male narrator and twangy guitar music, but not the on with the female narrator and Ulrich's track.