Friday, March 02, 2007

Might Be Avengers

Well, I've read the first issue of Bendis' Mighty Avengers, and... it's not bad. Some of Bendis' regular annoying flaws pop up, as expected, and he even develops a new one in his manic overuse of thought balloons, but on the whole it's solid exuberant fun, and it's how he should have been writing the Avengers from the start. He even does something halfway interesting with the Sentry!

Full review at Silver Bullets this coming Sunday.


  1. I love Bendis, so nyah nyah nyah!

  2. I claim my First Amendment rights. And that one where I can carry a gun too. ;-)

  3. Well, I looked through it today in the store. You really weren't kidding about the overuse on the thought balloons, and for such minor, unimportant stuff.

    Not that it matters to me, I'm not crazy enough to buy another Bendis written team book.

  4. Agreed, Kelvin. It's like someone handed him an Essentials or something and said, "Go. Read."

    Good review, too.