Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Lookin'

If you headed over to Comics Bulletin today, you would find that the regular "What Looks Good" column has been taken over, for one week only, by myself. I don't really know why the CB bosses picked me, since I'm never amazingly enthusiastic about US comics these days, but so it goes.


  1. I don't feel so bad about you not liking new-Spidey, now that I know you're a *Thor* fan! ;-)))

  2. Spidey's definitely higher in my personal pantheon than Thor, but New Thor is merely boring, whereas New Spidey is pointless and boring.

    So there.

  3. Well, we'll just have to agree to differ.

    I don't like Manga either!

  4. Eh?

    Yeah, I'm a misanthrope. I'm not sure how disliking salacious ultra-violent pseudo-porn proves that though.*

    (*Obviously I accept that not all Manga fits this description. Some of it is merely boring and pointless.**)

    (**Please remember, I don't argue about comics online - except in fun.)

  5. "I'd rather have someone take a rusty cheese grater to my arsehole than read this tripe again."

    Quote of the month!

    (if this comes up multiple times, it's because it didn't come up at first)