Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Who Clues (pt 7)

No clues that I could see this week, but it was a cracking episode nonetheless, with some spooky bits, lots of funny bits, more hints at the mythology (last time it was about the Doctor's name, this time it's a wife?) and some great ideas (the library has "saved" all the people as books, I reckon, because the air piranha things won't eat books). Doctor Who is definitely in safe hands with Steven Moffatt.

In other "news", I've got a new "Green Day" (ugh) column up here, this time concerning Spider-Man's sometime love interest, the Black Cat, and Marvel's rather dubious treatment of the character of late.

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  1. Nice column. As I've said before, the whole Peter unmasks for Cat storyline was one of my favourites growing up (good old Bill Mantlo!), and I'm sad that she no longer knows his secret.