Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Appropriate, You Fight Like a Cow

Right, so how come the new version of The Secret of Monkey Island, which after all only has some tarted-up graphics and a voice track, requires a 3ghz processor and 3gb of disk space? What the heck?


  1. Because they're obligated to move the spec goalposts every 5 minutes just to keep Bill Gates in thousand dollar bill wallpaper.

    The new graphics are uggerly, but I hear you can turnt hem off at any point.

    Played the new Tales Of demo yet? S'alright.

    Good to see the Guybrush back at last.

  2. I was thinking that I might give Tales... a look when it comes out for Wii. My favourite is still the original, and I wish they'd release ScummVM for Wii (officially).