Saturday, March 02, 2013

Grubby Tropical Pizza

Local mini-chain Grubbs Burgers is quite famous with the Brighton post-pub crowd, although in almost seven years here I'd only been once, until a friend, knowing full well my love of bananas, suggested I try their tropical burger. This is a standard burger -- vegetarian for me -- topped with peanut butter, a pineapple ring and some banana slices; even with my aforementioned love of bananas, this seemed a bit dubious, but I liked it a lot and began to wonder if it would work as a pizza topping.

It does.

I will give rough measurements here, as everyone likes a different amount of stuff on their pizza. This made one thirty centimetre-ish pizza, enough to feed two persons of medium appetite.

Stuff You Will Need:

One pizza base. I use Hugh Furry-Orchestra-Stall's magic dough as it results in a happy medium between poppadom-crispy and Domino's-spongy; I halved his measurements to get enough dough to make one base and, as you can see from the picture, a few dough balls, because dough balls are ace.
Two or three dessert spoons of peanut butter. I used the Whole Earth Crunchy variety.
Two or three dessert spoons of pineapple chunks or pieces.
One banana, sliced.
Cheese, sliced or grated. I used about half of a 125g lump of mozzarella.

How to Make It:

Preheat yon oven to 250°C if possible, or 225°C if it's weak like mine.
Follow the instructions to prepare your pizza base. I like to cook it for a couple of minutes before I add the toppings.
Spread the peanut butter over the base.
Add the pineapple pieces in as chaotic an arrangement as you can handle.
Add the banana slices, again in an arrangement that best suits your personal demons.
Top with the cheese.
Bake for ten to fifteen minutes until the base is cooked.
That's it!

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