Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thieving Thursday III

Here's where I am with Horror Among Thieves. Almost there.

Cover - done.
p1-3 - Introduction/Norwich 1625 - done.
p4 - Norwich map - still to do.
p5 - about the Tenebrous Hand - done.
p6 - Tenebrous Hand headquarters map - done.
p7 - Unexpected Visitors - art almost done, text done.
p8-9 - The Dog & Bastard - maps done, text done.
p10 - The House on Cow Hill - maps done, text done.
p11 - "Dear Christina" handout - done, but I'm not happy with it; my handwriting's not the right look for a letter from 1625.
p12 - The Warehouse - maps done, text done.
p13 - The Scribe - maps done, text done.
p14 - The Potter - maps done, text done.
p15 - The Butcher - maps done, text done.
p16 - mutant dog picture - done, but I think I should take another pass at it.
p17-18 - The Carpenter - maps done, text done.
p19 - "Forgive us" art - done.
p20- The House on Willow Lane - maps done, text done.
p21 - The Casket - art done, text done.
p22 - The Courtyard - maps done, text done.
p23 - The Secret Cellar - maps done, text done.
p24-25 - The Vaults - maps done, text done.
p26-27 - treasure table - art done, text done.
p28-29 - The Things in the Vaults - art almost done, text done.
p30-31 - The Brotherhood of Pus - maps done, text done.

pXX - "Death and Taxes" bonus adventure - needs a rewrite.
pXX - "In Heaven, Everything is Fine" bonus adventure - needs a rewrite.


  1. Looking good! Keep up the pace. :)

  2. Awesome. Am I right in thinking you're using Stuart England as the default setting?

    1. It didn't start that way, but James Raggi has been moving to a just-before-the-Civil-War setting for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and encouraged me to do the same. The setting details are quite light so it should be able to be dropped into any campaign; don't expect accurate historical detail of the Call of Cthulhu variety!