Wednesday, June 05, 2013

False Alarm

I saw this on Games Workshop's web site yesterday:

It is safe to say that I was somewhat excited. Rumours have been circulating of late -- as they often do -- that GW are going to release a limited edition game this year and that said game would be either Blood Bowl or Warhammer Quest. While I love Blood Bowl to bits I already own two sets, but I never got to own Warhammer Quest, so when I saw the logo on the site I was about ready to pay right then and there.

Alas, there is no deluxe big boxed set on the way -- yet -- but there is an iPad version.

I suspect that this means that there won't be a tabletop release on the way after all.


  1. I does get me wanting an iPad though... this, King of Dragon Pass, the new adaptation of Sorcery!

    Still, it's a lot of money for a toy that'll distract me from playing games with real people.

  2. Don't wish to upset anyone here, but I like the look of this. I have boxes of floor plan tiles doing absolutely nothing, and they became more a hindrance than a help, so seeing this done so graphically faithful to the 'old floor plan' look makes me smile broadly.

    But paying for something that costs this much... hmm? I think I'd rather wait for 'The Elder Scrolls Online' for the pc, as I do find iPad games infuriating in their control systems.

    But thanks for the heads up - kudos :)

  3. Oh, it does look quite good. I'm just disappointed that it's not a board game.