Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Three Towers

The planets have aligned once more, the stars are right, and Stuart and I have played another game in our glacial -- ho ho -- Mordheim Frostgrave campaign, this time within the not at all frosty environs of the Dice Saloon. You can read Stuart's summary of the battle here; it ended 3-2 to Stuart, a well-deserved victory that reflects his aggressive strategy. It could have been an even bigger thumping, so I think I did well to pull it back.

Here are some pictures!

The initial setup. Dice Saloon has some excellent terrain available for your wargaming needs.

Boom! My witch casts a grenade spell on one of Stuart's warband.

There seemed to be a lot of critical hits flying around in this battle.

At one point, it seemed as if Stuart's warband was swarming all over the board and I was running out of ideas.

Careful now.

My apprentice attempts to drag a treasure chest back to base, with a squig providing cover from a pesky crossbowmandwarf.

Another grenade.

And another!

And another! At least I got some experience points from spellcasting.

My apprentice is all alone, out in the open, slowed down by a chest full of treasure. I'm sure he'll be fine.


Stuart has three chests -- including an extra special one from the central tower -- and is making a run for it. All I can do is fling arrows at them as they run off into the distance.

Stuart now leads the campaign two games to one and I'm pondering what I can do to claw back a victory. Our next battle should take place in the cramped corridors of a forgotten library and I don't think that will favour my archer-heavy warband!

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