Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Where It Is At

This is me a couple of weeks ago:

I was in accident and emergency, having been rushed there by the ambulance, after a mysterious seizure™. I had a previous mysterious seizure™ a couple of years ago and, after a barrage of tests, they couldn't say what it was or what caused it, but I was told if it happened again to call an ambulance.

So that's what happened.

Again, no idea what it was or why it happened. A repeated round of tests lies in my near future, so we'll see if something comes of those. I doubt there will be any answers.

It took about a week to recover, and then I was catching up with work missed during that week, so that's why blogging has slowed, and why we haven't done any February comics for Marvel 1991. Things are a bit more normal now -- I still have a bit of a fuzzy head and am occasionally confused by things that shouldn't confuse me -- so expect more content soon.


  1. Take care. Hope the tests give you some useful answers.

  2. That sounds scary. I hope some of the tests can provide some kind of useful answer.

  3. I'm glad you're relatively okay, and I hope you continue to feel better. Best wishes!

  4. The best of wishes coming at you from here across the pond!

  5. So it wasn't because you were getting a venom-spigot fitted?

    A bit late, I know, but hope you get some answers.