Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Mean Machines

Acorn Electron 4x3


Master System II

Commodore Amiga A1200


Amiga 600





Wikipedia SNES PAL
(Found in a rubbish bag in the rain. Lucky me!)

New Nintendo 2ds XL


  1. Ooh love me some old microcomputers (I love the term "home computer"). I had the C64, and a Spectravideo SVI-728 at one point, bought from an older friend who - which I found out later - really wasn't allowed to sell it. Why? Because it belonged to his older brother...

    I never owned an Amiga but had several friends who did (even an Amiga 600), but I remember fondly the games (the graphics!), Bitmap Brothers games etc. When they moved on to PCs (386/486) I was still chugging along with my brother's old 286 (the power switch was the size of a small rodent, it felt).

    My daughter is currently enjoying my old Nintendo 3DS. Since we don't have any iPads or such at home, she calls it "dad's tablet", which is kinda cute. But she's a killer at the Switch.

    1. I like "home computer" too. It doesn't seem so long ago that the distinction made sense!

      I forgot that I also owned an Amiga 600 at one point, although I almost never used it as I still had an A1200. I think I broke it out for one or two games that wouldn't run on the 1200 but otherwise it lived in the cupboard along with a second C64 I inherited from my uncle!

      No pictured are the various computers my brother owned, including the Spectrum 48K.

      I didn't own my own PC -- what we would have called an "IBM PC Compatible" back in the old days ;) -- until 2010, and I still don't really count it as a games machine, otherwise it would be on here.

    2. I never got to use a ZX Spectrum, but I like its design more than the C64; it's got more of that 80s cyberpunk feel (or maybe rather unicorn-rainbow-cyberpunk...)

      Yeah "IBM PC Compatible"! I grew up digesting my brother's old COMPUTE! magazines, so I have all these old ads for PCjr heavily engraved into my retina (onto?).

      I'd love to see a tabletop RPG set up as wizards = typical business men/women of the 80s, where their microcomputer of choice (Commodore, Apple, ZX, etc.) is like a spellbook. The setting milieu/backdrop would of course be replicas of those typical 80s computer ads.

      My PC has always been my main focus for gaming - up till I started working as software developer. Nowadays I just use the Switch.

    3. I'm a C64 fan but the Spectrum had some great games, and I must admit that from a design perspective, the ZX is a much more attractive object. I like it so much I tried to buy a broken one to mount on the wall, but even an unworking ZX was out of my price range!