Tuesday, March 09, 2004

On Homosexuals, Apocalypse, Numb Appendages And Blokes Twiddling Their Knobs

Mark Morford in San Fransisco asks why gay marriage hasn't led to the end of civilisation, apparently unaware that on the very same day half a world away in Somerset, the signs of apocalypse have begun to appear.

And yes, I did steal the latter link from Nagl. Despite his visual similarity to various nefarious evil-doers, he seems to be a decent bloke, so I'm sure he won't mind...

My arm is feeling a lot better now. The pain has gone, but now it just feels tired or strained or something. But I can use it again, which is the important thing, so it's literally back to the drawing board for me, to see if I can get a couple of Spooky's Dungeon pages done by the end of the week. Actually, it should be quite easy to do, as I've got the next few pages planned out and scripted, but page seventeen (the very next page) is proving problematic. I've drawn it all out in pencil, and I know how the plot moves through the page, but I'm having a real trouble in scripting it. It's been sat on the desk for a week, unfinished. Bah.
I received a package full of CDs from my brother yesterday, so perhaps the likes of Boards Of Canada and The Crystal Method will inspire me!

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