Saturday, March 06, 2004


My entire lower right arm is currently exploding in a cavalcade of pain and hot tingly feelings even at rest. Meg thinks I might have developed tennis elbow, but I think it's unlikely both because my symptoms don't seem to match those of tennis elbow and because I haven't been doing anything particularly strenuous with said arm (hello Rad!). Yes, I've been doing a fair bit of drawing, but I've done more drawing in a shorter time before, so unless I'm getting old, I don't think it's tennis elbow. Oh well.

Talking, as it were, of my drawing, Spooky has uploaded the two new pages of the webcomic. The more I look at them, the less I like them. I don't think I can look at them any more, so you'll have to go instead... As soon as my arm stops doing whatever it's doing, I'll get some more pages up there. If Richard and Fred can get two or three pages up a week, then so can I. I may have to have a word with Spooky about changing it from an "e-comic" to a "webcomic". When I started the thing back in 1999 (16 pages in five years! Wow!), I was so pleased with the term "e-comic"...

Here's some bloke I've never heard of who claims to have a "reputation" asking Alan Moore, a man I have heard of, five questions. There are actually more than five questions, mainly because the bloke apparently worships Moore, and because Moore is an erudite fellow not accustomed to pithy answers, but that's no problem, because Moore erudite fellow, and crikey my arm hurts.

Taking that into account, the sensible among you are no doubt questioning my decision to choose tonight of all nights to write my longest blog post in months. I am beginning to see your point of view...

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