Sunday, March 30, 2008


Why is it that holidays end up tiring you out more than if you'd just stayed at home with a cup of Bovril?

I'm back from a largely uneventful week off in what appeared to be Tory Paradise, from all the Audis, BMWs and Range Rovers that kept attempting to nudge me into dark country ditches. A full report may or may not be forthcoming, depending on the mood of your correspondent.

While I was away, I had two Commodore 64 reviews published at Virtual Console Reviews, and appear to be an official member of the team now, and the latest in my series of "Green Day" articles was posted at Comics Bulletin. Sorry about that last one, Nige.

Oh, and I got a fair bit of work done on my super secret project!


  1. You think those Audis (hack ptuii!) were dangerous?

    Wait 'til Nige comes after you with his eyebeams.

  2. Yes, I was concerned about Nige's reaction to the piece, but he doesn't know where I live. I think.

    Black Cat is up next, most probably, so I suppose I'll have you and Tony after me.

  3. hey! your sister in law (me) has an Audi!!

  4. I do so know where you live--your home. Just you wait till I finish downloading that letterbomb tutorial...

    I'd be offended if that column wasn't written by somebody whose favourite caracter is a mildly retarded robot in a skirt :). So, in response to the unfair lies perpetrated in the aforementioned column...

    I quite liked the Hulk comments, similar to comments made on my blog a while back. I like goggles on superheroes (Wonder Man, YJ, Blue & Gold, etc)so the visor has always appealed to me visually, especially when drawn by Byrne and Lightle.

    I'm quite glad Cyclops isn't like Cliff Huxtable, the jumper-wearing old layabout...

    Despite lusting after Jean for ages after she lusted for him, Cyke's never had to work to get a lady. Given the robust nature of coital activities and the loose nature of specs, shacking up with Cyke is the ultimate danger shag (I hear). Wolverine'd just rip the bedsheets. Then wipe his butt with it.

    Cyclops in the X-Films...well, his return to fight Jean in X2 pretty much explains why he had to be removed from the equation. One blast and he'd wipe most of the enemy out in seconds! As to his death in X3...well, using the comic adage of no body, no death, I say Jean started draining him but fought off at the last minute, leaving him powerless and amnesiac to wander the woods. In X4, Havok would reappear demanding to know what happened to Cyke, travel to the woods and find fim a hermit in the woods. A blast from havok's powers kickstarts Cyke's powers and restores him to full vitality. (This approach leads me to believe Mace Windu easily survied Star Wars 3: Luke and Anakin both survived the loss of a hand and Star Wars 2 showed Mace can easily survive a drop of great distances...)

    So there!

  5. Retarded? Skirt?

    Them's fighting words, yes?

  6. "Super secret project" now that sounds like fun !!!