Monday, March 03, 2008

Too Hot ta Trot

I'm geeking it up again at the Virtual Console Archive, this time with a feature article on the mighty Commodore 64.

So that's comics and video games; to complete the set, I suppose I'd best start writing about the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons or something...


  1. You definitely need to do one on fourth ed D&D. We already had an argument a couple of months ago about it over on my blog!

    I also am geeked out by a C64 emulator on my Wii ... however I wish they would sell packs of games like the old Atari classic disks for XBox/Gamecube. With each game costing 5 pound, it is unlikely I will invest a ton in it.

  2. Well, I know nothing about the new D&D, so it'll be a while before I have any thoughts on that.

    My general rule with the Virtual Console is that I'll only buy the game if it offers something that I couldn't get elsewhere. In most cases, this means two player mode, as I don't have two controllers for most of my original consoles, or for my pc.

    Some games do slip through though, since I like them so much; Sonic 2 and Streets of Rage 2 are games I own on the VC despite having the original cartridges and emulated ROMs. They're good enought hat I will spend the money on them again.

    I think that's likely to be the same with the C64 releases too. I'll try to stick to multiplayer, but some others might sneak in.