Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is the Joke on You?

There's a pleasant newly-pedestrianised bit in Brighton, just by all the theatres and the Pavilion gardens. You'll often see performers down there doing bits and pieces, as it's a perfect spot for that kind of stuff. Today, there was a bloke dressed in scruffy clothes and make up, like Heath Ledger's vaguely trampish Joker from the upcoming Batman sequel, standing on a bench proselytising about false gods and chaos.

Given that there's been lots of "viral" marketing for the film, things like why so serious?, I did wonder if this was just some random street performer (quite likely down here), or if the film people are paying actors to go out and act like the Joker. I don't think it was related to this, as it was more of a performance than a photo op, and besides, no one was taking pictures.

Has anyone else seen a Joker recently?

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