Monday, June 23, 2008

New Who Clues (pt 10)

Cracking episode (although it did borrow quite liberally from Donnie Darko, which isn't a bad thing), and lots of ongoing threads got referenced. It seems clear that the disappearing planets have something to do with "the Darkness" (the Daleks), and Rose has come back to help defeat said Darkness. The disappearing bees got a mention again, but I can't begin to imagine how that has anything to do with a Dalek invasion, so I wonder if the writers are planning ahead, and the bees will come into play in Series Five? I'm also quite intrigued by the "What are you? What will you become?" the fortune teller (a welcome reappearance from last series' Chantho) spat at Donna; I wonder where they're going with that? There were rumours knocking around earlier in the year that Donna might be a regenerated Romana, but that seems a bit cheap...


  1. I'm not really up on the entire Who mythos as I loved it as a kid but my parents hated it so I rarely watched it til my teens, when it got crap. As a result, I can't comment on Romana except that Donna has an entire family so that seems unlikely. I still the Flash Gordon ending of the last series hints at the return of the Rani, who I know nothing about except she was a rogue female timelord (timelady?)((and if the nold Who was supposedly non-sexual, wasn't he in a romance with Romana?))

    Next week's ep looks absolutely mental, they've got everybody in there! Dunno the significance of the red dalek but love the creepy reveal I've seen of Davros with his glowy eye now...

  2. I know even less of the mythology than Nige, but I'm sorry, I do remember Romana causing certain pants-stirrings in a small boy I once was... and the idea that she might be regenerated is CATHERINE BLOODY TATE is just...