Monday, September 08, 2014

More Interesting Than Saucepans

I often see stuff left out on the pavement, sometimes with a "Free! Please take!" sign attached, its ink running as a result of being left out in the rain for days. Most of the time it tends to be a couple of saucepans, a grubby dish drying rack, and a bundle of baby clothes, but the other day I spotted something a bit more interesting poking out of a damp Sainsbury's bag.

The SNES itself had an ominous rattle but this turned out to be a non essential component and once everything had been dried out the console and the games proved to be in perfect working condition. It is clear that whoever left such treasure in the street is some kind of dangerous lunatic but I am grateful to them nonetheless.


  1. "If you don't do your homework, I'm going to put your Nintendo out in the street for the first passer by to pick up." Bluff called?

    1. I can't imagine anyone of homework age being interested in games from before their birth but I would love to be wrong!