Friday, July 16, 2021

Official Secrets

I have just completed a project that, for creative -- and maybe controversial -- reasons, I can't talk about. Booooo!

I have also completed work on another project that I can talk about, so here are some bits from that Yay!.

These are from Oakfell Vale, a role-playing adventure that you can buy here. I was brought in to complete some fill-in art as the original artist was unavailable, and I tried to keep some sort of visual continuity.


  1. Nice! Has there ever been a RPG setting book, produced entirely as a comic book? With speech bubbles and all, I mean? Meaning all implied setting (milieu, language, people, surroundings, conflicts) are all conveyed through panels?

    1. I'm not sure about a sourcebook that was produced entirely in comic format, but DC has published a comic that is also a setting; Martin wrote about it here.

      It's an interesting idea. I wonder if it would be possible to convey everything you need for an rpg setting via the comic format?

      I know in Japan they have the concept of a replay, and I believe some of them are done in manga format, so maybe that's the closest thing?