Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Incredible Adventures of Tiverton Cream

We are looking at getting a new kitchen. Some of the names of the kitchen sets are evocative, most are ridiculous. There's a hint of the pulp adventurer or consulting detective to all of them.

To generate a pulp adventurer or consulting detective, roll d16 for the first name, then d16 for the second name, or roll just once and read across both columns, although that's much less fun.

Roll a d16! One Stupid Name Another Stupid Name
1 Esker Ice
2 Chester Azure
3 Milton Grey
4 Oban Forest Green
5 Kendal Midnight
6 Glencoe White
7 Heritage Cream
8 Monochrome Cashmere
9 Melrose Dovegrey
10 Forest Luxe Pewter
11 Scandi Carbon
12 Sofia Graphite
13 Camden Slate
14 Tiverton Bone
15 Industrial Sage
16 Elder Natural Oak


  1. I didn't know 1d16 was a thing, so I had to use a 1d10 and 1d6 together and got. . . Tiverton Cream?

    That sounds like the 90-year old actuary for some hopelessly out-of-touch gentry. Oof.

    1. Yes, it's an odd combination of hinting at adventure but also gesturing at stuffiness. Mutton chops and stiff collars are probably involved somewhere.


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