Saturday, August 14, 2021

Somebody Once Told Me the World Is Gonna Roll Me

I love this old article, from White Dwarf #136, because it's so pro-fun and pro-hobby. This is Games Workshop saying "here's a new ork vehicle for you to build and use, and you don't have to buy anything!"

(Except for the issue of White Dwarf, of course.)

If I were in charge at GW I'd keep the full article on the website forever, and I'd update the rules with every new edition of 40K, to keep the Gobsmasha, and the enthusiastic hobbyism, alive.

This is probably one reason -- among many, I admit -- why I am not in charge at GW.


  1. You should start a zine for that! Everything is DIY and toilet rolls and glue and "cutting straight lines" (to quote the article) - except it's all for mini games set in a grim dark future.

    1. That would be excellent, although I fear I lack the skill to pull it off!


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