Monday, May 23, 2022


This is a withered severed leg with dirty bandages wrapped around the stump.
  • Two-handed club.
  • The wielder counts as unarmed for any relevant effects or purposes. For example, if they are a character that normally must fight bare-handed, or if they are casting a spell that requires touching a target. That sort of thing.
  • The wielder also registers as undead to abilities or effects that detect or track the living dead.
  • The knee joint gives it a wild, unpredictable swing.
  • The LIMB OF WOE has a strong smell of something like old leather and pickling.
  • Every morning at 2am, it twitches for two long, creepy hours.
13th Age:
+1; small, two-handed.
The wielder has a 1 point conflicted relationship with the Lich King, in addition to their other relationships. If they already have a negative or positive relationship with the Lich King, then things just got complicated!
Quirk: Tap your foot constantly.

+1 to hit and damage.

Fighting Fantasy:
+1 SKILL and +1 to the club row on the damage table.


  1. Hey I forgot to comment on this one, I like it alot! Great flavour, right up my alley, and easy to build upon.
    (And great illustration!)