Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Mince Pie Fest 2022: Morrisons The Best

Oh ho! That's a bold claim. I'll be the judge, Son of Morris.

Right away, there's an explosion of powdered sugar that goes everywhere, turning your surroundings into an appropriate snowy scene. A bit of a pain if you're wearing dark colours.

The pastry is sweet and juuuuuust on the right side of firm, and the filling is bursting with flavour. It's fruity and juicy and there's a strong taste of something a bit like Parma Violets in there, that I can't quite place. While strong, it's also a flat and mellow flavour, and I prefer the zing of citrus or a boozy punch in my pies, so these are never going to be my favourites, but even so I can taste the quality.

The Best? I don't think so, but I acknowledge that someone with different tastes might. 4 out of 5.

These are the last of the mince pies on my testing list. We're done!

Well, not quite, there will be some other scores to quite literally settle, but the main testing is done. You can go back and find my favourites if you want, but I will post an announcement of the winner very soon.

(Tomorrow, it will be tomorrow.)

#MincePieADay #MincePieFest2022

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