Tuesday, April 16, 2024

More Deadly Than the Male

Oh dear, I see the man-babies are apoplectic with rage about female characters in Warhammer 40,000 again. This time it's because it's been revealed that the Adeptus Custodes -- basically even more Space Mariney Space Marines -- include women in their ranks.

Gnash! Wail! Gasp! Etc!

This is sort of a retcon. I say "sort of", because I don't think it's ever been stated that the faction is all-male, it's just that no one's mentioned female members before.

Obviously the thing that's annoying these very mature and sensible people is the change to "established" canon and NOTHING ELSE, so I imagine that they are also furious about:
All changed or removed from canon, so all similarly rage-inducing, I'm sure, because it's about the sanctity of canon. Nothing else. Nope.

I don't always agree with Games Workshop's decisions -- release your old books as print-on-demand, you cowards! -- but this is glorious. Well done, GW.


  1. I'm always "entertained" by what becomes sacred to people when they have a bone to pick with a fictional world. You should have seen how many Magic: The Gathering players became obsessive Tolkien purists when they saw that Aragorn is Black on his MTG cards.

    1. Absurd isn't it? I remember similar nonsense regarding Idris Elba's casting in Thor.

      I saw Bakshi's Lord of the Rings before I read the book, so Aragorn has always seemed vaguely Native American to me. I wonder what those MtG players would think of that?

  2. There always seems to be this "yeah, that's the ticket!" quality to the explanations held up in these situations. The reaction comes first and the reason comes after it. If in doubt, just fall back on one of the Big 3 of culture war apologetics: "the creator's original intent"..."trying to erase history"...or the catch-all that everyone knows you'll look like a jerk if you argue against..."free speech!"

    Anywyay I know I don't have to explain that to you, but I can definitely tell you that here in the States, it gets exhausting! And now...a freaking election year? Oh crap...

    (I do very much believe in free speech btw...I just believe it's misunderstood...)

    Damn, sorry about the soapbox. 😅

    1. No apologies necessary! We get a bit of it here too, although as the right to free speech isn't encoded into law here, it's not quite as bad.