Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tanky Tuesday

Here's an idea I don't have time to explore at the moment, but popped into my head at lunch time and probably should be written down somewhere.

Italian M13-40 tank in the desert 1942
Bog standard fantasy business, except:
  • The aftermath of a war that has left the world an irradiated-but-magical mess.
  • Everyone bangs around in tanks, because tanks provide the best mobility and protection from the environment.
  • Dwarf tanks are big chonky things that move very slowly but are almost invulnerable.
  • Orc tanks are like dwarf tanks but are stuck together with spit and hope, and randomly explode.
  • Elf tanks are speedy and graceful and are more like sports cars than combat vehicles.
  • Undead tanks are ramshackle shells of destroyed vehicles, hanging together through willpower and hatred of the living.
  • Ghost tanks are actual ghosts of tanks, all glowy and incorporeal.
  • Chaos tanks are not tanks at all, but horrible wasteland mutants as big as a tank and just as tough.
  • Players are tank crews exploring the wasteland, looking for supplies, survivors, and loot.
  • Lots of random tables to generate the wasteland, and all the horrible things that can happen.
  • Lots of building and modification options for tanks.
  • "Dungeons" are the remains of huge battle fortresses, some traditional buildings, some gigantic super-tanks; some of the latter may still be rolling around.
It's Dark Sun meets Iron Kingdoms, except with tanks instead of robots. Or Spelljammer, on the ground, with tanks. Or a Tolkienesque Mutant Year Zero with tanks. Or Gorkamorka taken to its (il)logical extreme. Maybe it's a role-playing game, maybe it's a wargame, maybe it's both.

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  1. I kind of love this. Would love to see where you'd take it...! (I'm torn on if I think it'd be cooler for it to be the postapocalyptic era of a fantasy realm or our own future...)

    1. Lots of synergy with the TONKS! rules, too. Curse you for giving me one more thing I don't care about to care way too much about! :)

    2. Here at Brainsplurge we aim to... please?

  2. Also OGRE. Also Gamma World death machines. Love it!

    1. Thanks! Alas, I have never played OGRE, although my friend Stuart has multiple sets, and we do plan to play it before we expire.