Monday, July 14, 2003

A slow day today. Like most of them are, in fact. It may pick up later, as my mind needs to turn some of its overflowing contents into drawings, and we're going to the the biggest shopping mall in the world when Meg gets back from work, to post some letters.

As an Englishman used to strolling down to the local post office, the whole idea of going to a vast cathedral of capitalism just to post letters seems to me to be rather perverse.

Anyway, at the risk of turning this into a bizarre game of online-blogger-tennis, go and see Liam's entertaining and occasionally educational blogger, where he in turn says nice things about my blogger.
Also, go and read this interview with Alan Moore. Unfortunately, like most interviews nowadays, there's very little Alan Moore in there, and far too much of the article's writer. I hate this new style of interview. There's no guarantee that it wasn't just dredged off the internet and then assembled piece by piece later on. Whatever happened to interviews where the writer actually sits down to talk to their subject? Is that not the definition of "interview"?

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