Saturday, July 19, 2003

Will Spielberg make a movie of this I wonder? I find it strangely appropriate that the camp commandant's first name is Adolph. Every time I start to mellow on this whole thing, when I think "well, maybe there is a threat, and maybe what we're doing to these countries is the right thing to do", all I have to do is think about what the US is doing in Cuba to these people. Terrorists are entitled to a fair trial too, and some of these people aren't even terrorists. There's aid workers out there, for god's sake.

On a lighter note, I picked up this Avengers comic yesterday for $1-00. I got it for nostalgia's sake, mainly, as I remember reading a British reprint of the story in the mid-eighties. If anyone knows what the name of the British reprint was, do let me know. I seem to remember it being one of the Secret Wars II specials, even though this story has nothing (I think) to do with the Secret Wars storyline. A quick Google search reveals that some of the issues that tie into the annual are Secret Wars II-related, but the annual itself doesn't seem to be. It's certainly not marked as such.
I got it out of nostalgia, but it's actually quite good, as mid-eighties Marvels go. A slightly crap Avengers team (you know a crap Avengers team when you see Hercules in the roster...)battles some Skrull terrorists in deep space. It's simple, fast-moving and good-looking (although not as good looking as it could be-John Byrne only does the breakdowns). It also has a scene where the Avengers, dressed as gangsters, board a ship captained by a Skrull who likes to look like Humphrey Bogart. You just don't get comics like that anymore.

By the way, I have nothing against Hercules per se. I loved the miniseries they reprinted in the Transformers weekly, where he zips about the galaxy in a silver chariot with The Recorder at his side and shags Galactus' herald (I think it was Nova at the time, not the Silver Surfer!). When he had the drinking competition with Galactus, and got Galactus drunk (although he was faking it), at that one moment, Hercules was cooler than Thor. But whenever Herc appears in The Avengers, he's just played as a poor man's Thor.

I did a little bit of tinkering with the Avengers pages on my website. I just added a few of the more recent covers. Or rather the ones I could find in the mess that is my "office". I scanned them at the same resolution and size as the ones my friend Liam did (all the others you can see), and yet mine are blockier, and take up more space than his. Why?

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