Monday, September 15, 2003

Meg's been very ill this weekend, which has led to me not blogging as often as usual, and has also thrown my sleep patterns out of whack. but at least I've got a decent book to read. The British edition looks much better, by the way, than the fantasy trash cover of my copy.

Meg's feeling much better now, by the way, thanks for asking.

How English are you? This is my result:

The epitome of Middle England, you prefer your Hovis to ciabatta and believe that England can win the cup this time round. You still feel frequent stirrings of patriotism, but deep down you know the world has moved on from the Empire and warm beer on village greens.


I don't know the lass very well at all, but I'm still sending nice thoughts to Eloon. You should too.

Finally, for every stupid announcement about how scientists have wasted millions of pounds of research money on working out which side is up when a slice of toast is dropped, there's something like this which awakens the geek in everyone!

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