Thursday, September 25, 2003

"Oh, you like to draw? Well can you do this for me..."

Now that the comic page (page fourteen) for Spooky's Dungeon has been done, I'm reminded that I have a stack of requests to go through. While it's flattering to an extent, I just wish that people would realise that I'm not that talented.
Or perhaps I am. Meg has pointed out that I have an inflated opinion of other people's abilities in certain fields. The way I see it, there's no such thing as a bad artist or a good artist, because in my opinion, anyone could turn out a lovely piece of art, and that it's just that the "good" artist gets there quicker. Take your time, pace yourself, and you'll be able to do anything. I mean, it's only drawing after all. What could be easier?
Meg says that of course I would think this way, because for me it is easy. I don't know...just makes me seem arrogant, and I have nothing to be arrogant about.

The new season of The West Wing premiered last night. I wasn't going to watch it, because I dropped out of the show a while ago, feeling that it was a bit too smug, artificial and arch for my liking. Plus, it was often actually quite dull, which no amount of clever scriptwriting and top-notch acting could hide. However, with current world events and an insane presidency, the writers have a real-world backdrop to let loose a little bit and last night delivered an exciting political thriller. There was a real sense of the whole thing falling down around the ears of our favourite characters, and the clincher was that it was all their own fault. Tense, exciting and emotional, I wonder how long they can keep it up?
(I have no idea when this will make it back to Britain. All the information I can find seems to point to E4 being half way through season four, which seems like an awfully long delay...)

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