Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Remember, Remember, the...er...31st of May? (or Long Films and Furniture Sales)

Steak and Guinnes pie as cooked by Meg, from a recipe from fat-tounged Essex lad Jamie OliverAs millions of Americans remembered the lost and the fallen* by...um...having barbecues, Meg and I decided to instead spend the day as if we were back in Blighty. Seeing as it was a Bank Holiday back there, we did the proper thing and slapped Lawrence Of Arabia into the dvd player (disappointed to note that it wasn't on back home; plenty of Bank Holidays to go though, and there's always Christmas!) as we tucked into steak and Guinness pies.
We didn't to go to a sale at a furniture superstore, however, and due to the fact that the rather dull Tomorrow Never Dies was on last night, we won't be finishing off our British Bank Holiday with the traditional Bond movie. Still, it was a nice lazy day, exactly as a Bank Holiday should be.

* This site has some excellent historical information on Memorial Day, then goes a bit loony and right-wing towards the end. Oh well.