Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Comic Spoiler

No, not this Spoiler...
From the top-notch comics reviews site The Fourth Rail:

It sounds ludicrous that the villains, or at least some of the villains, of this piece are a pack of naked girls, but their attack on the world at large this issue is bloody and certainly freak-out scary and disturbing, and the revelation of what motivates them on the last page is chilling.

I hate that. I have no desire to go and buy the comic in question (Girls #4), I'm not even motivated to download the thing, but that paragraph up there really makes me want to know exactly what's so bloody interesting on that last page. Someone should be doing a comics version of The Movie Spoiler, and if they already are, someone should be telling me where it is.

[UPDATE: it seems that someone has done a comics spoiler site, although it's focussed on this summer's big crossovers, and I have absolutely zero interest in those. It's an admirable effort to undermine the money-grabbing crossover psychology, though. I approve of that.]



    They are killing all the women they come across.

  2. Unfortunately, the trick first is to get someone to read the crap comics ( I read the first two issues and thought they were terrible) to spoil in the first place.

    But apparently Brian has! God Bless you Brian!