Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hey! I love your blog! I have a proctology blog here!

So far, I haven't been hit by the pervading sickness that is blog spam, which leads me to suspect that it's somehow tied in with popularity and number of existing comments, as I don't get any from real people either.


I had a look through Blogger's so-called "help" files and found a possible (although clunky) solution here, so consider this a public service announcement for all my blogging friends.


  1. those proctology spammers are a real pain in the ass!

    (Yes I am ashamed)

  2. What a small world the net is.... that is if you're the same Kelvin from the Monkey Pencil Forum, found my way here from Dave's Long Box. Uh, anyway, yeah spam bloggers sucks, I'll have to check out that help link.

  3. Next you'll be telling me you're the same Kelvin I've seen on the Jack Staff forum..... uh oh, I sound likea stalker now.

  4. Either that, or I'm a sentient virus...