Sunday, February 05, 2023


BLUEROBES, reflective gits: Armour 14 (as leather), Move 120', 3 Hit Dice, 11hp, two-handed sword 1d10, Morale 8, Number Appearing 1d3. Half damage from bludgeoning or crushing weapons.

BLUEROBES are, yes, malevolent -- possibly fey -- spirits that take the form of floating, ragged monk-like robes. Cruel and mischievous, they delight in capturing and murdering sentient beings. They favour large two-handed swords, as they think they look cool. They have no physical form beyond the robes themselves; as such they are very quiet -- they surprise unaware opponents on 1-3 -- except when they communicate with each other, which they do in howls and moans.

BLUEROBES reflect spells and magical effects directed at them. Spells cast by a character of first or second level are relfected back at the caster; effects directed by a caster of third level or higher rebound if the BLUEROBE saves versus Magic.

BLUEROBES are not undead, although they seem similar, and are intelligent and spiteful enough to pretend to be in order to trick, for example, clerics into wasting their turning abilities. Bastards.

BLUEROBES obey the howling, moany, commands of higher-ranked *ROBES, and can order REDROBES, YELLOWROBES, and GREENROBES about.


  1. Can *ROBES blend together temporarily and form new colour variants, i.e. blue+red=purple?

    Hmmm or am I too stupid too notice some sort of rainbow based chain of command here, I wonder now…

    (Btw love these!)

    1. Thanks!

      There is a sort of logic to the ROBE hierarchy, which *may* become clear when they are all catalogued...