Thursday, February 02, 2023

Dungeon23: 028-033

Oh dear, the #Dungeon23 schedule has gone utterly; I think I'm supposed to have moved on to Level 2 by now, but I still have some ideas for Level 1 that I want to explore. Onward!

(But not downward, apparently. Not yet.)

28. A breeze flows into this room from 29, as well as the sound of birds fussing.

29. The room is dominated by a pool of dirty water, and statues identical to those in room 2. Oh, and big piles of guano from a flock of weird, striped, big-headed birds that have nested in here, having gained access through a 2' hole in the ceiling.

The birds are harmless but the *ROBES find them intimidating and try not to stay in this room if they can avoid it; any *ROBE on its own will need a Morale roll to resist a backwards furtive shuffle out of the room.

The pool is about 1' deep and the water is opaque with filth; in the south-east corner, covered in centuries of grime, is a silver crown, with four empty sockets where thumb-sized gems should be. This is the CROWN OF ETLUZ PEQZUS, a powerful magic item, but without the gems - found in locations XX, XX, XX, and XX -- is just a draughty metal hat, albeit one worth a handsome 900sp.

The statues do nothing.

30. The passage here has collapsed. It can be cleared, but will take tools and probably days. Beneath the rubble is the skeleton of an unfortunate adventurer, who almost made it to the surface with 58sp and 4gp.

31. Four REDROBES are on high alert and twitchy -- surprised only on a 1 -- guarding a circle carved into the stone floor. The circle has a faint blue glow, and appropriate investigation reveals that it is enchanted with teleportation magic. It is a one-way teleport circle, from location XX, but there's probably no way for the players to work that out from here.

32. Some sort of meditation room, from the large but now quite rotten cushions scattered across the floor, and the numerous bells and chimes hanging from chains of various lengths. Sneaking through the room without disturbing a chime requires a Stealth roll, or a save versus Paralysation, if your game doesn't have Stealth rolls. You'll work it out.

In the smaller room beyond is a large and tarnished bronze gong, and a BLUEROBE, just chilling out. The BLUEROBE tries to alert its allies by hitting the gong, then rushes to attack. The gong is decorated with serpent and tree symbols, is Oversized, and is worth about 500sp.

33. A sturdy and relatively new wooden table holds a large leather-bound book containing lists of numbers. This is an accounting of the creatures the *ROBES have killed and fed to the grub-thing in 13. There is a 50% chance that there will be a REDROBE in here, adding to the ledger.


  1. Congrats on keeping up the pace! I'm loving the *ROBES.

  2. CalvinPitt5/2/23 9:53 pm

    I like both the touch that the birds spook the ROBES - potential boon if someone if the party has a way with animals - and the ledger of their victims, since there could presumably be all sorts of useful information in it.

    1. Thanks! I think it's important (and tricky) to leave in those sort of "fuzzy" details so players can improvise and go beyond the text.