Monday, February 06, 2023

Dungeon23: 034-038

My gosh, Megadungeon Monday is on time this week! Sort of! Ish! It's a #dungeon23 miracle!

34. A single statue of "T" -- see room 02 -- with arms crossed and a stern expression on their literally stony face.

35. The upper level of a library, shelves lined with scroll tubes. The wooden walkways -- marked with RW -- are rotten and weak. Two REDROBES patrol the room.

Roll 1d6 each time a character uses a platform; on a 6+ it collapses, dropping the character 20' to the floor below -- room 79 -- taking at least 2d6 damage. Add +1 to the roll for every additional character on the same walkway; *ROBES are sort-of-but-not-really weightless so do not add to the roll.

Most of the scrolls on this upper level have rotted away, but six documents remain; they are mundane accounts of everyday occurrences from centuries before, but are worth 10sp each to a historian.

36. Stairs down to the secret library in 80. Searching reveals a loose stone in the eastern wall, behind which is a sack containing 480sp.

37. An old scriptorium. Wonky wooden desks collapse and half-finished scrolls crumble at the slightest touch. A Turn spent sorting through the debris will turn -- ho ho -- up an intact and quite beautiful scroll, which appears to be some sort of epic poem. Any character with an Intelligence of 12 or higher discerns a hidden meaning in the text; spending 1d4 days studying the poem uncovers directions to a buried treasure somewhere else in the campaign. The treasure consists of 600sp.

38. Spiral stairs down to the secret library in 80.

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