Friday, December 08, 2023

Mince Pie Fest 2023: "Holly Lane" (Aldi)

Holly Lane! Which doesn't exist, because it's Aldi.

The pastry has a lovely soft crumble with a pleasant sweetness, but is a little undermined by too much crunchy granulated sugar on the top, and a tendency to get a bit claggy. You'll want a cup of tea -- or local alternative -- with this one. The filling is chunky and tasty, full of fruity flavours and a satisfying wave of spice. There are no alcoholic tastes in this pie, but it's no worse off for it.

These are cheap pies -- about 55p per box -- but they punch well above their price point. It's only the slight disappointments of the pastry that let them down. An admirable 3.5 out of 5. #MincePieFest2023 #MincePieADay


  1. Choice magazine taste testers here said the Aldi mince pies were top for 'cheap mince pie' category I think.

  2. Good to know! How popular are mince pies where you are?

  3. Very, they sell them months beforehand in supermarkets

    1. That's familiar. I think their first 2023 appearance was around July.